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Fundamental Requirement of Filling Room.

To keep thermometer and hygrometer qualified
-The instruments should be kept in good working conditions
-To be examined and maintained regulary
-To be put in a suitable place for away from the air outlet of air conditioner
-To be calibrated to their qualification at regular intervals by concerning measuring departmen

The recommended filling room environment
-Thmperature:20℃-24℃ Relative humidity:45%-55%

Environmental Control
-The filling room should be conformed to the GMP requirement
-To note down the temperature and humidity twice a shift
-Air conditioner,dehumidizer and humidifier are ready for use
-The filling room operation procedure should be observed

-To avoid heat generation source radiation
-Filling room to be well insulated from outside
-To use curtains if sunlight shines directly into the room through windows