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Product introduction: Pullulan polysaccharide capsules have wide applicability, no risk of cross-linking reaction, and high stability capsules.
Product Category: Pharmaceutical Excipients
Product application: Its own water content is low, and its oxygen permeability is low, which can protect the contents from oxidation and is easy to store. The ingredients are natural and free of animal tissue, suitable for vegetarians and people of different religious beliefs.
Product features: Pullulan polysaccharide capsules have wide applicability, no risk of cross-linking reaction, and high stability. Its raw material is natural water-soluble polysaccharide, which is produced by fermentation and is widely used in food, medicine and consumer products. The dissolution rate is reduced), the drug release rate is relatively stable, and the individual differences are small.
Product advantages: The appearance of pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsules is good and crystal clear, which improves the grade of the product. Pullulan plant capsules are almost not brittle in low humidity environment, and the properties of capsule shells are still stable under high temperature. For the large temperature difference between the north and the south of our country, and the different storage conditions of transportation and retail terminals, Pullulan polysaccharide plant capsules undoubtedly provide a solution for some pharmaceutical factories and health care product enterprises.
Specifications and modeisiength(mm) Outside diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Lock length(mm) Length after sheating(mm) Cystic weight difference(mg) Volume(mm)±4% Power fillingcapacity
0.66g/cc 0.8g/cc 1.0g/cc 1.2g/cc
00# Cap 11.7±0.40 8.4±0.05 0.110±0.015 23.3±0.40 ±0.10 0.95 570 760 950 1140
Body 20.20±0.40 8.20±0.05 0.110±0.015
0# Cap 11.00±0.40 7.65±0.05 0.110±0.015 21.2±0.40 ±0.80 0.68 408 544 680 816
Body 18.60±0.40 7.35±0.05 0.110±0.015
1# Cap 9.80±0.40 6.95±0.05 0.100±0.015 19.0±0.40 ±0.60 0.5 300 400 500 600
Body 16.60±0.40 6.64±0.05 0.100±0.015
2# Cap 9.00±0.40 6.36±0.40 0.100±0.015 17.7±0.40 ±0.50 0.37 222 370 370 444
Body 15.40±0.40 6.09±0.40 0.095±0.015
3# Cap 8.10±0.40 5.83±0.40 0.095±0.015 15.5±0.40 ±0.40 0.3 180 300 300 360
Body 13.6±0.40 5.57±0.40 0.095±0.015
4# Cap 7.20±0.40 5.32±0.40 0.095±0.015 13.9±0.40 ±0.30 0.21 126 210 210 252
Body 12.20±0.40 5.04±0.40 0.090±0.015

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Zhejiang Xinchang Kangping Capsule Co., Ltd. is leading China pullulan capsules manufacturers and OEM/ODM pullulan empty capsules suppliers, covers an area of 18,886㎡, with a construction area of 8,000 square meters and a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Now it has 10 segmented automatic production lines, complete testing equipment, the overall layout of the plant, equipment selection and installation are in line with "GMP" standards, production workshops It adopts fully enclosed central air conditioner, with a purification level of 100,000; the annual production of 6 billion gelatin hollow capsules and 1 billion enteric-coated gelatin hollow capsules, and can produce axial single, double-color and annular single and double-color printing according to customer custom pullulan empty capsules .

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Strictly control the quality, in the spirit of professionalism and concentration, pursue excellence and continue to innovate.

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Research & Development Certificate Authorized By Shaoxing Administration

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The factory will take quality as its life and management as its guarantee, and work hand in hand with domestic pharmaceutical companies.

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