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What are medicinal capsules made of

In daily life, many medicines are made of halal capsule, some can be made into capsules, and some can be made into tablets. Many people are worried that these capsules will cause harm to the human body, and some chronic diseases require long-term medication. In fact, medicinal capsules are edible, but you must choose regular medicines.

Enteric-coated HPMC Hollow Capsules

Product introduction: It can achieve the purpose of targeted drug delivery, and is a targeted capsule product with high compatibility.
Product Category: Pharmaceutical Excipients
Product advantages: Enteric-coated hypromellose hollow capsules have the excellent characteristics of vegetable capsules and enteric-coated capsules: low water content, high stability.

Gelatin is widely used in many foods. In food, gelatin can make food solidify, thicken, stabilize, and ventilate. It is also a popular food composition rich in nutrients and low in fat. Production of soft capsules, capsules are made of pharmaceutical grade gelatin, which is suitable for the strict requirements of pharmaceutical products.
Hollow capsule shell specifications, then the gelatin film dries and hardens to synthesize the capsule, which is then removed from the mold.
Generally, there are two kinds of plastic molds, one is for producing capsule body, and the other is for producing capsule cap with larger diameter. The disintegration time limit of the hard capsule refers to the time required for the hard capsule and the packaged medicine to pass the inspection method under the excipient packaging material, and all disintegrate into granules.
The disintegration time of the hard capsule determines how long the drug can be absorbed by the body. The use of empty capsule shells and the disintegration time limit of hard capsules are mandatory inspections for many capsule preparations before inspection by relevant departments.
Gelatin is a water-soluble protein derived from collagen, the main natural protein in connective tissue. Gelatin is extracted from animal skin and bones through a controlled rendering process. There are many types of gelatin.