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What are the advantages of hypromellose capsules

Hypromellose capsule is a derivative of plant fiber. Its main components are plant cell walls and polysaccharides. Its molecular structure is very stable and it has good film-forming properties. The three main characteristics are:

HPMC Hollow Capsules

Product introduction: The main raw material of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose hollow capsule is HPMC, which is extracted from natural cotton or wood pulp, which can effectively prevent foot-and-mouth disease.
Product Category: Pharmaceutical Excipients
Product application: HPMC has no side effects on the human body, and provides a new choice for vegetarians and people of different religious beliefs.
Product function: The drying weight loss of HPMC capsules is controlled within 6%, and the molecular structure is stable, and the moisture requirements of the filling are low. When filling drugs with strong hygroscopicity, the capsules will not be ruptured. It does not affect the moisture of the filler, making the filler safer and more thorough in dissolution.
Product advantages: its impurity residue is far lower than that of gelatin hollow capsules. Because it does not contain protein, coupled with the special production process, it is difficult for microorganisms to grow, so there is no need to add preservatives during the production process. After the product is finished production, the microbial limit meets the specified requirements, which can effectively prevent drugs and capsules from gelling. The combined reaction does not require additional sterilization.

1. Safety: Since hypromellose comes from non-transgenic plants, commonly known as plant-derived hollow capsules, its harmful substance residues are far lower than traditional heart capsules. It does not contain protein and amino acids, and it is specially produced The technology makes it difficult for bacteria to contaminate again, and there is no worry about residual chloroethanol, which is safer.
2. Stability: Hypromellose capsules are suitable for filling various contents, ensuring that there is no cross-linking reaction, and the sub-molecular structure is stable. It is more suitable for filling oxygen-sensitive and immediate-release drugs, making the contents safer and more efficient in dissolution. Thoroughly, the curative effect is more remarkable.
3. Universal applicability: Hypromellose capsules have lower water content and better molecular structure, and are especially suitable for filling Chinese patent medicines. The requirements for storage, transportation, environment, and geography are lower than those for gelatin capsules. , to meet the needs of various components.